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158 interactive ebooks read aloud in English and Spanish
(plus 7 new languages: Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, German, & French),
all with word highlighting, reading speed control, & tap for animal sounds!

View on computers, iPads, and Android Devices


License for
less than 50 students


License for
50-150 students


License for
151-300 students


License for
301-450 students


License for
451-750 students

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License for
751-1000 students


License for
1001-1500 students


Cheetah Dreams

New Release


Day in a Forested Wetland, A

New Release


Which Animal is Fastest?

New Release

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Baby Bears Adoption

New Release


Animal Noses

New Release


If a Mummy Could Talk . . .

New Release


Long and Short Tail of Colo and Ruff, The

New Release


River Rescue

New Release

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Animal Ears

New Release


Dear Komodo Dragon

New Release


Lizard Lady, The

New Release


Alaska’s Last Elephant

New Release


Oliver’s Otter Phase

New Release

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Yodel the Yearling

New Release


ABC Safari


Why Pollen Counts


After A While Crocodile: Alexas Diary


Amphibians and
A Compare and
Contrast Book

Top of Page

Animal Architects


Animal Eyes


Animal Helpers:


Animal Helpers:
Raptor Centers


Animal Helpers:

Top of Page

Animal Helpers:


Animal Helpers:


Animal Investigations


Animal Legs


Animal Mouths

Top of Page

Animal Partners


Animal Senses


Animal Tails

New Release


Animal Analogies


Animals Are Sleeping

Top of Page

Anne Frank: A Light in the Dark


Anybody Home?


Art and Culture: Abstract Art: Lines, Rays, and Angles


Astro: The Steller
Sea Lion


Baby Owl’s Rescue

Top of Page

Balloon Trees


Barack Obama


Bat Count:
A Citizen Science Story


Busy Year, The


Been There, Done
That: Reading
Animal Signs

Top of Page

Behind the Canvas: An Artist's Life


Best Nest, The


Between the Wars


Big Cat, Little Kitty


Blackberry Banquet

Top of Page

Bug Builders


Building Houses


Burro's Tortillas


Called Hope, A


Cao Chong
Weighs an Elephant

New Release

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Carolina’s Story:
Sea Turtles Get
Sick Too!


Case of Sense, A


Cash Kat


Causes of the Revolution


Champ’s Story:
Dogs Get Cancer Too!

Top of Page

Christmas Eve




Civil War Is Coming


Clouds: A Compare
and Contrast Book


Cool Summer
Tail, A

Top of Page

Count Down to Fall




Day in
the Deep, A


Day in the
Salt Marsh, A


Day on
the Mountain, A

Top of Page

Deductive Detective, The


Deep in
the Desert


Defying Gravity! Rock Climbing


Desert Baths


Dino Tracks

Top of Page

Dino Treasures


Early Congresses


Earth's Cycles





Top of Page

Engineering: Feats & Failures


Expanding the Nation


Felina’s New Home:
A Florida Panther


Ferdinand Fox’s First Summer


Fibonacci Zoo

Top of Page

Final Lap! Go-Kart Racing


Finding Texas


First Fire: A Cherokee Folktale


Fort on Fourth
Street, The:
A Story about the
Six Simple Machines


Frederick Douglass

Top of Page

Fur and Feathers


Ghost of
Donley Farm, The


Giraffe Who Was
Afraid of Heights, The


Glaciers Are
Melting!, The


Gopher to the Rescue!
A Volcano Recovery Story

Top of Page

Great Divide, The


Habitat Spy


Hand to Earth: Saving the Environment


Hand to Heart: Improving Communities


Hand to Paw: Protecting Animals

Top of Page

Hang Ten! Surfing


Happy Birthday
To Whooo?


Helen Keller: A New Vision


Henry the
Impatient Heron


Hey Diddle

Top of Page

Hillary Rodham Clinton


Home In the Cave


Honey Girl:
The Hawaiian Monk Seal


Hosting the Olympic Summer Games


How The Moon
Regained Her Shape

Top of Page

Hungriest Mouth
in the Sea, The


If A Dolphin Were A Fish


If You Were A Parrot


In Arctic Waters


In My Backyard

Top of Page

In the Game: An Athlete's Life


Industrial Revolution


Inside Ecosystems and Biomes


Inside the World of Matter


Investigating Forces and Motion

Top of Page

Journeys: Land, Air, Sea


Julie The Rockhound


Kali's Story:
An Orphaned
Polar Bear Rescue




Life in the Ocean Layers

Top of Page

Light and Its Effects


Little Gray’s
Great Migration


Little Red Bat


Little Skink’s Tail


Living Things
and Nonliving Things:
Compare and Contrast

New Release

Top of Page

Loon Chase


Lucky Litter, The:
Wolf Pups Rescued
from Wildfire


Magnetic Magic


A Compare and
Contrast Book


Martin Luther King Jr.

Top of Page

Meet the


Midnight Madness
at the Zoo


Mixtures and Solutions


Moonlight Crab Count


Moose and Magpie

Top of Page

Most Dangerous, The


Mother Osprey:
Nursery Rhymes for
Buoys & Gulls


Multiply on the Fly


My Even Day


My Half Day

Top of Page

Natural Disasters


Nature Recycles—
How About You?


Nelson Mandela: Leading the Way


Newton and Me


Night Creepers

New Release

Top of Page

Ocean Hide
and Seek


Ocean Seasons


Octavia and Her
Purple Ink Cloud


Olympic Technology


On the Move:
Mass Migrations

Top of Page

On the Scene: A CSI's Life


Once Upon an Elephant


One Odd Day


One Wolf Howls


Otis the Owl

Top of Page

Our Resources


Earthquake Escape


Patterns Around Us


Paws, Claws, Hands,
and Feet


Penguin Lady, The

Top of Page

People who Predict


Perfect Pet, The


Physical: Feats & Failures


of Another World


Plant Reproduction

Top of Page

Polar Bears and Penguins:
A Compare and
Contrast Book


Pop! Air and Water Pressure


Prairie Storms


Primate School


Producers and Consumers

Top of Page

Rainforest Grew
All Around, The


Ready, Set . . .


River Beds:
Sleeping in the
World’s Rivers


Salamander Season


Saturn for my

Top of Page

Saving Kate’s Flowers


Sea Slime:
It’s Eeuwy, Gooey
and Under the Sea


Shape Family
Babies, The


Shapes in Our World


Shark Baby

Top of Page

Sharks & Dolphins:
A Compare and
Contrast Book


Solar System Forecast


Sort it Out!


Sound Waves and Communication


Sounds of the

Top of Page

Spaceship Earth


Sparrow and the
Trees, The




Straight Talk: Drugs and Alcohol


Straight Talk: Smoking

Top of Page

Straight Talk: The Truth About Food


Strange but True: Gross Anatomy


Strange but True: Tiny Creatures


Survival! Desert


Survival! Jungle

Top of Page

Survival! Ocean


Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Technology: Feats & Failures


Ten for Me


Terror in the Tropics

Top of Page

Texas in the 20th Century


Texas Today


The Annexation of Texas


The Bake Sale


The Bread Book

Top of Page

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights


The Declaration of Independence


The History of Telephones: Fractions


The Milky Way: A River of Stars


The Nutrient Cycle

Top of Page

The Powerful Ocean


The Rock Cycle


The Story of Fossil Fuels


The Texas Revolution


They Just Know:
Animal Instincts

Top of Page

This Land is Your Land


Three Little Beavers


Tornado Tamer


Tortoise and Hare’s
Amazing Race


Transferring Energy

Top of Page

Tree That
Bear Climbed, The


Trees: A Compare
and Contrast Book


True Princess
of Hawai‘i, A


Tudley Didn’t Know


Tuktuk: Tundra Tale

Top of Page

Turtle Summer:
A Journal for
my Daughter


Turtles In My Sandbox


Twas the Day
Before Zoo Day


Unforgettable Catastrophes


Unforgettable Natural Disasters

Top of Page

Unforgettable News Reports


Unsolved! History's Mysteries


Unsolved! Mysterious Events


Unsolved! Mysterious Places


Vivian and the
Legend of the Hoodoos

Top of Page

Vroom! Speed and Acceleration


Wandering Woolly


War, Cattle, and Cowboys


Warm Winter
Tail, A


Water Beds:
Sleeping In the Ocean

Top of Page

We Are Here


What a Scientist Sees


What the Evidence Shows


What’s New
at the Zoo?


What’s the Difference?
An Endangered Animal
Subtraction Story

Top of Page

Where Does Your Money Go?


Where Should
Turtle Be?


Whistling Wings


Wild Cities


Wild Work! Animal Trainers

Top of Page

Animal Skins

New Release


The Forest in the Trees


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